Habey MITX-6771 Bay Trail Embedded Motherboard

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Designed for point-of-sale machines and other basic industrial applications, the Habey MITX-6771 should work nicely for its intended purpose. It has the necessary features, including serial, parallel, and LVDS headers, and a SIM card slot for mobile network connectivity. Its energy efficiency is also superb, making it a cost-effective solution for massive deployment. Its power consumption was best in class for a thin mini-ITX motherboard, idling at 12W and staying below 20W under typical real world conditions. As for horsepower, the CPU performance is only great relative to its power consumption, and the integrated graphics is capable of easily rendered HD video but little else. With a specialized feature-set and a thin form factor, the MITX-6717 understandably retails for a hefty US$150, much more than consumer-oriented mini-ITX models.

For regular home users, consumer-oriented manufacturers like ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and ECS sell similar boards with more common desktop features, some for as low as US$70. For a basic PC in a SFF case, the Celeron J1900 is a perfect fit, though, a solid-state drive is required for desktop-level responsiveness. The Athlon 5350 APU is its direct competitor as it has similar CPU performance but greater graphical prowess (though not great enough to really play games comfortably). Including a motherboard, an Athlon 5350 configuration will set you back about US$100.

Our thanks to Habey for the Habey MITX-6771 sample.

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