Logic Supply ML400G-50 Fanless m-ITX PC

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CPU Performance

Performance is very good. The ML400G-50 betters all other mini PCs except for the desktop i7-4770R equipped Gigabyte BRIX Pro.

GPU Performance

The i5-4200M runs Intel HD Graphics 4600, but this is obviously not quite the same as the desktop version of the same graphics chip as the comparison scores below show. We suspect that this is due to the GPU clock speed, which didn't stay at its default 400 MHz through testing. According to Intel, it's capable of pushing to 1.15 GHz under optimal thermal conditions. Ultimately it performed more like a last generation Intel integrated chip, so expect only marginal framerates at low resolutions for gaming. As you'd expect, it is not a good fit for serious gaming, but runs Photoshop and H.264 video and fine.

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