Logic Supply ML400G-50 Fanless m-ITX PC

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The Logic Supply ML400G-50 fulfills its promise of silent, competent computing in a small minimalist package with a modest eco-footprint. Despite its bright, attractive look, its true function is not in a living room but in the industrial and commercial arena, as its legacy ports indicate. Everything about the package suggests the ML400G-50 is well suited for the role, its external casing exuding a confident air of long, robust productivity. The performance exceeds that of any of the Intel NUCs and just about every mini-computer we've reviewed till now. Certainly, as a general purpose corporate desktop PC, the ML400G-50 would be more than up to the task, and the complete elimination of any noise producing parts within would be a boon for most users. The ideal role, as Logic Supply indicates however, is in more physically demanding environments where its dust and grime resistance would eliminate concerns over maintenance and reliability. The 80W >87% efficiency Seasonic power brick is a nice match, and although this system does not set records for energy efficiency, its 21~49W typical AC power draw range puts it well into the lowest power class for a PC of its capability. All in all, Logic Supply has created a strong series of products in its ML400 line, and in this day of gargantuan corporate domination, we applaud the efforts of this independent system integrator.

Our thanks to Logic Supply for the ML400G-50 sample.

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