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The core of the G10 is a metal bracket that fits the AIO pump/heatblock and an 80mm fan in place of the stock cooler on a graphics card. Three sets of mounting holes are provided around the pump, to fit different graphics cards. The frame is painted, and NZXT does not specify its composition. We checked and confirmed that it is magnetic, so it is some type of steel. It is only 1.8mm thick, and at its thinnest (around the mounting hole for the pump), just 2.2mm wide. That's pretty flimsy for the mounting system which can be subjected to fairly high pressure and tension. It is pretty easy to bend by hand. Compared to the hefty, robust mechanisms used in the best CPU coolers, it's almost laughable.

The frame at its narrowest point around the pump is 1.8 x 2.2 mm. The foam blocks on the corners are meant to keep the frame stable against the video card. They come unattached so you can place them where they work best on your video card.

The fan itself is an excellent idea, as the VRM heatsinks on many video cards are integrated into the stock cooler; when the stock cooler is removed, additional airflow is probably necessary to prevent the VRMs from overheating. The 92 x 25 mm fan is a seven-blade design with good geometry for low tonality, and spec'd at 1500 RPM, a modest enough speed to hope for decently low noise.

A 92mm fan, 1500 RPM & 0.18A.

The pump/heatblock is clamped between the GPU and the G10; it actually cannot be mounted on the G10 without a video card. The plastic tabs around the pump take the pressure of this clamping action.

This is the back plate, with thin bolts mounted. Note the multiple holes for different video cards. The center pad is fairly dense, which means a lot of compression is needed before the nuts make firm contact with the back of the video card. The highlighted end of the right front bolt is not threaded. This glitch held up our review for a couple of weeks until a replacement set of mounting hardware arrived. To be safe, NZXT sent not only a spare mounting set, but another G10 sample.

The new mounting bolts are longer, as are the thumbscrews that attach on the other side.

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