Swiftech H240-X CPU Liquid Cooling Kit

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The H240-X is composed of the Apogee XL copper waterblock, 1.6 cm thick EPDM rubber tubing, the MCP30 pump, a windowed reservoir, and a copper radiator with dimensions of 28.7 x 14.1 x 2.9 cm according to my measurements.

The unit is designed to mount to a case ceiling (the short 29/24 cm tubing prevents it from being installed any where else). Unlike AIO coolers, the radiator is rather compact, barely expanding past the fans.

The reservoir has an illuminated side window to gauge the coolant level.

The pump is encapsulated in a thick square block that is much larger than AIO models and the use of proper metal fittings is obviously a more robust and versatile solution.

The radiator uses the typical thin coil design but they are spaced further apart than previous units I've encountered. There's approximately 1.80 mm separating each coil turn, making the array about 70% looser than is typical. It's also manufactured out of copper instead of aluminum.

The included PWM splitter allows up to eight devices to be controlled at once. It's powered via a SATA connector, as is the pump.

The copper waterblock is a 6.0 cm square with rounded corners while the raised portion that contacts the CPU is 4.6 cm across. The surface is convex and has been sanded down to a fine reflective finish.

The stock 140 mm fan is a high speed (1800 RPM) model equipped with well-curved blades with straight tips.

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