Swiftech H240-X CPU Liquid Cooling Kit

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Specifications: Swiftech H240-X Stock Fan
Manufacturer Swiftech Power Rating 3.0 W
Model Number Helix-140-PWM Airflow Rating 35 ~ 90 CFM
Bearing Type Z-axis (sleeve) Speed Rating 700 +/- 25% ~ 1800 +/- 10% RPM
Frame Size 140 x 140 x 25 mm Noise Rating < 8.3 ~ 28. 8 dBA
Hub Size 45 mm Header Type 4-pin PWM
Blade Diameter 121 mm Starting Voltage < 4.0 V
Cable Length 35 cm Weight 180 g
Corner Type Open Retail Availability Yes
Additional notes:

The H240-X ships with a pair of Swiftech's Helix 140 PWM fans which feature sleeve bearings. The hub is quite large for a 140 mm model and there's also a considerable gap between the blade tips and the surrounding housing. The heavy curvature helps somewhat, but the blades are still rather short.

The stock fan's range on PWM (above) and DC (below) control according to Fan Xpert2.

According to ASUS' Fan Xpert2 utility, its effective PWM control range bottoms out at just under 1000 RPM which is rather dismal if you're trying to achieve some semblance of silence (though on our test motherboard it can go about 100 RPM slower). On voltage control, the floor is much lower but if you're coming off a cold start, it has difficulty spinning up if set below ~650 RPM.

Noise Measurements: Swiftech H240-X
PWM Setting
Pump Speed
Avg. Fan Speed
SPL @1m
2910 RPM
1780 RPM
39 dBA
2600 RPM
1530 RPM
34~35 dBA
1980 RPM
1250 RPM
28~29 dBA
1790 RPM
1110 RPM
25 dBA
1520 RPM
1020 RPM
23 dBA
1320 RPM
970 RPM
22 dBA
1180 RPM
860 RPM
21 dBA
(fans on DC control)
1180 RPM
790 RPM
20 dBA
600 RPM
18 dBA
17 dBA
Measuring mic positioned 1m at diagonal angle from the center of CPU.
Ambient noise level: 10~11 dBA.

All devices connected to the included PWM splitter are controlled by the same signal, so the pump and fan speeds cannot be adjusted separately using this method. As there's only one PWM header connected to the motherboard, only the speed of the pump is reported. Also, if the PWM signal is not detected, a fail-safe kicks in, automatically bringing the pump speed up to 100%, so it can't be run any slower (unless the SATA connector powering it is modified).

Using PWM, the cooler produces between 21 and 39 [email protected] with pump speeds between 1180 and 2910 RPM and average fan speeds of 860 to 1780 RPM. These minimum speeds aren't low enough for our standards but with DC control, a reduction of 2~3 dB can be achieved. The pump on its own, with the minimal PWM setting emits 17 [email protected], so there's no easy way to quiet it further than that.

The H240-X's pump produces a grating, mostly low frequency buzz, even at minimum speed. The best thing I can say about it is the movement of the liquid inside isn't audible, so there's none of the sloshing or occasional gurgling you might hear from a typical AIO cooler. The fans on the other hand are surprisingly benign despite the aggressive shape of their blades. The stock fan has a mostly smooth, broadband profile, but at closer distances it hums somewhat, and this effect is amplified when mounted compared to in free air. As water coolers go, it sounds above average at lower PWM speeds, but only because the fans drown out the pump. The pump becomes more noticeable at about 1800 RPM and above, generating a harsh tone at ~300 Hz.

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