Quiet Mini-ITX Gaming Build Guide #3: BitFenix Prodigy Edition

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As the Prodigy has modular hard drive cages and internal layout similar to that of an ATX tower, assembly can be accomplished with relatively little stress. The only issues we ran into were minor: the Mugen MAX's fan had to be mounted after the motherboard was installed, and cable management was a bit sloppy due to I/O panel being located on the right side panel.

As there are no hard drives in this build, both drive cages were pulled out and the front fan moved further up to better match the airflow path of the exhaust fan.

The upper fan mount is located partially in the 5.25 inch bay, but removing it is a bit of an inconvenience. Alternatively, it can be installed at an angle on the honeycomb grill. As you can see, there is room for a much larger fan, as large as 23 cm.

The CPU fan doesn't overlap the memory slots, even on this cramped mini-ITX board.

A small screwdriver is required to get the board mounted as access through the top of the chassis is quite limited.

Fully assembled. As there are holes on the case floor for standard case feet, we borrowed some from the Fractal Design Define R4.

Unfortunately, taking out the plastic bottom piece leaves behind a series of ugly holes.

The plastic shroud of the GPU cooler almost touches the 5.25 inch bay so the PCI-E power cables can't be routed between the gap without putting pressure on the slot.

Tying up cables is tricky business as enough slack has to be provided for the right side panel to be comfortably removed.

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