New 92mm-fan Tower Coolers from Noctua

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The overall size of the new heatsinks is similar, but there are some difference in their potential cooling power judging by the total cooling surface area and the number of heatpipes. At 125mm, the height of the U9S is 15mm greater than the D9L. This difference makes for more fins in the former.

The size of each fin on the two stacks of the D9L is approximately 9.5 x 3 cm, and there are 70 fins. The total area, counting both sides of each fin, is ~4,000 square cm. The U9S has 41 fins measuring about 6.5 x 9 cm for a total surface area of ~4,800 square cm, 20% more than the D9L. The U9S has 5 heatpipes which line up in two rows parallel to airflow. The D9L's 4 heatpipes line up parallel to the fan, and perpendicular to airflow. These difference seem significant enough to expect the performance will not be the same.

The U9S has a single stack of 41 fins, with 5 U-shaped 6mm thick heatpipes running through them for a total of 10 heatpipe paths. The pipes run in two rows parallel to the airflow.

The D9L has two stacks of 35 fins each with 4 U-shaped 6mm thick heatpipes running through them (and the base) for 8 heatpipe paths. The pipes are arranged in rows perpendicular to airflow. Note how the 92mm fan protrudes above and below the fin stacks. The fan stick up less when the spring-loaded bolts are screwed down in use.

The height difference is 15mm.

The base of both coolers are nicely polished, smooth and flat (as far as we could tell). Note the five heatpipes running through the base of the D9L. The mounting bolts are asymmetrical relative to the base (one arm is shorter than the other) and run perpendicular to the fan.

Like other Noctua dual fin-stack heatsinks, both current and retired, the mounting bolts run parallel to the fan, and they are symmetrical. Four heatpipes here.

One consequence of the asymmetrical mounting arms of the U9S is a differently curved pair of mounting bars. The IMB3 puts the two threaded posts for the U9S spring loaded bolts a bit closer together. IMB2 bars are used in many other Noctua coolers.

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