Samsung Wireless & Seagate Backup Plus External HDDs

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Samsung Wireless & Seagate Backup Plus External HDDs

January 7, 2014 by Lawrence Lee

Samsung Wireless Mobile Media Streaming Device
1.5TB 2.5-inch External Hard Drive
Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB 2.5-inch External Hard Drive Seagate Backup Plus 4TB 3.5-inch External Hard Drive
Street Price
US$170 US$100 US$130

While hard drive capacity has been steadily increasing over the years, it's barely been keeping up with our growing appetite for high resolution video, audio, and photos. To make matters worse, the PC market has lately been shifting towards more compact systems like smaller desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones, devices that can't spare the space for large or multiple drives. Thus, the need for network attached and external storage is more important now than ever before, and we also require more varied ways of accessing this data. The latter point is showcased in varying degrees by the trio of external hard drives I'm examining today from being Seagate.

The most fascinating of the three is the Samsung Wireless Mobile Media Streaming Device (if you've forgotten, Seagate acquired Samsung's hard drive business a few years ago). External notebook drives are often marketed as "portable" but this one more accurately lives up to that billing. It's a 1.5TB 2.5-inch external drive that's WiFi-capable and packs a battery so it can be taken out and used on the road without having any kind of wired connection, neither for data or power (at least for a few hours). The Seagate Backup Plus 4TB and Backup Plus Slim 2TB are more typical wired models but they have a bit of extra functionality as well. Seagate's software has automated backup features both for desktop and mobile devices.

Samsung Wireless Mobile Media Streaming Device (1.5TB)

The Wireless Mobile Media Streaming Device ships with a 40 cm USB cable, AC charger, and travel adapter. 5 devices can connect to it simultaneously via wireless 802.11 b/g/n, and its battery lasts a purported 7 hours. It supports Windows, OS X, DLNA devices, Android (2.3 up and up), but it lacks an iOS app, a major oversight.

The drive is set inside a plastic chassis with a faux grey metal top with silver trim around the edges. It's huskier than a typical 2.5 inch enclosure, weighing about 280 g and measuring 12.6 x 8.9 x 1.9 cm, though the rounded edges helps make it appear smaller than it is. The battery and wireless capability obviously adds some girth to the overall package.

At the back is a microUSB 3.0 port for charging and transferring content and a full-sized USB 2.0 port that can be used to charge another device (that's right, the drive can double as a battery pack). The power button sits at the corner next to a status LED and the tiny pinhole on the underside acts as the reset button.

The included AC charger outputs 2A at 5V, for a total of 10W. The device can also be charged by USB as well, but it takes considerably longer.

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