Phanteks PH-TC14S & Cryorig C1 CPU Coolers

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By my measurements, the PH-TC14S weighs 560 grams (740 grams including the fan) and its dimensions are 15.6 x 10.5 x 7.1 cm (L x W x H) with the fan extending its height by a minimum of 3 mm or more depending on how high it's positioned on the heatsink. The fins are composed of aluminum painted black while the heatpipes and base are made of nickel-plated copper.

Having a single fan between split towers means the cooler is more centered than most thin towers. The fan is unnecessarily large, extending well past the edges of the heatsink. Even a 120 mm model would stick out at the sides somewhat.

The fan clip is also unusual in that most of it protrudes outward.

With large blades with little separation between them, the fan has been designed with high static pressure in mind.

The fan clips are secured to the fan via plastic eyelets inserted in the mounting holes. These were first used by Noctua but thankfully, they've been long since abandoned. Phanteks unfortunately continues to use this overly complex solution.

There are 6 x 6 mm heatpipes in total arranged evenly across the heatsink. By my measurements, the fins are 0.41 mm thick and spaced 1.76 mm apart, on average.

Each tower is only 19 mm thick so there isn't a lot of surface area to work with. The gap between them measures 33 mm across. Isolation strips are pre-applied for the included fan for damping.

The protective film on the base left a ridiculous amount of residue behind, but nothing a little isopropyl alcohol can't take care of. The surface is clearly convex as there's a distinct apex at the center.

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