Phanteks PH-TC14S & Cryorig C1 CPU Coolers

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The Cryorig C1 uses a similar mounting system as the Phanteks PH-TC14S so there's little to complain about. The hardware used by Cryorig has a slight edge as all the metal pieces are a bit sturdier and the bolts they use are solidly kept in place without extra help.

Metal spacers with washers are used instead of plastic ones and the nuts are tightened by hand.

The bolts are locked in place but can be easily switched between the three Intel socket mounting distances.

The plastic shroud is held in place by tiny, easily breakable tabs on the side. I ended up removing it completely during testing as it would have rattled. I also found it to be unattractive against the darker heatsink body, so there was really no downside.


The C1 was positioned to cover the VRMs. In this orientation it doesn't interfere with any of the memory slots, and with 43 mm of clearance underneath the heatsink, it sat comfortably above the motherboard's back panel as well.

The heatsink doesn't extend over the first expansion slot.

The thermal compound residue indicates the C1's base is more symmetric than the PH-TC14S, but with equally strong pressure at the center where it matters most.

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