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The Asus GTX 960 Strix OC Edition has a 17 cm long circuit board braced by a metal backplate. Its sizable heatsink hangs over the PCB by 1.6 cm, and the plastic fan shroud extends past by that another 1.8 cm. The total weigh is 610 g, with the cooling solution accounting for 360 g on its own.

The heatsink is a two slot solution but it isn't particularly thick/long. It is however equipped with a pair of 80 mm fans and a nice four heatpipe design (2 x 6 mm and 2 x 8 mm).

A metal backplate protects the trace-side of the PCB and stiffens the card so it doesn't bend from the weight of the cooler.

The fan shroud is clipped on with a couple of tabs on each side. As the GTX 960 has modest power requirements, only a single 6-pin PCI-E power connector is necessary.

The back panel has five output options in total, one DVI-I, one HDMI port, and three DisplayPort connectors.

Heatsink removal is easy as it's held on by just four small spring-loaded screws at the back and the 4-pin fan cable. A small black heatsink near the rear panel is secured with screws to the VRMs. The GPU core left bare without a heatspreader or even a shim to protect it.

The card's DirectCU II cooler utilizes four direct-touch heatpipes that transfers heat from GPU core without using a copper plate as a go-between. The nickel-plating doesn't extend to the base to ensure more direct contact.

As the card does not extend past the boundaries of a standard mATX/ATX motherboard, it fits comfortably in most tower cases.

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