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Feb 29, 2004 by Carl Bohne

Carl Bohne, better known as Bluefront in the Silent PC Review Forums, has a thing about filters and ducts. He uses them to great effect in keeping his PC systems cool, quiet and dust free with a minimum number of fans. Carl is an inventive mechanical tinkerer with excellent shop skills in the best PC modding tradition. The Cookie Jar PC is his latest brainstorm. He says it is the quietest PC he has built yet, and probably the cleanest.

- Mike Chin, Editor


The new ventilation system in this case was designed for...

  • silence,
  • extreme air filtration,
  • positive case pressure, and
  • maximum cooling of a Heatlane Zen-cooled P4 processor

... but not necessarily with priorities in the above order.

Here are some photos, starting with the cookie jar that made this project possible.

That cookie jar became a fan mount, air duct and hard drive silencing enclosure -- all in one. It cost $10 with the cookies at Office Depot. I've since found similar plastic containers that would fit a 92mm fan, and some even smaller (at food stores).The neat part of this container is the square shape, which makes installation easy and internal fan mounting even easier. A shot of the jar "in action":

There is no case fan with this setup, only the fan in the cookie jar blowing in towards the PCI slots, and the 120mm fan in a modified Fortron PSU blowing out. The cookie jar fan, an Evercool 120mm aluminum fan, is manually controlled. The speed of this fan is normally set about 200 rpm higher than the PSU fan, which is a plastic body version of the same Evercool fan. I set the fan speeds this way to attain positive pressure in the case.

Where does the intake air come from? The bottom of the case, through the wooden chambered base, which has a vent on the bottom, then around the hard drives and through the cookie jar.

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