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The CR-80EH is composed primarily of a wide copper wide base, a single traditional 6 mm thick heatpipe, and a series of thinner copper wires referred to as "IcePipes" running vertically between the base and a plastic cover at the top. According to our measurements, its dimensions are 15.6 x 15.6 x 11.3 cm or 6.1 x 6.1 x 4.4 inches (W x L x H) and it weighs approximately 300 grams.

If you stare down into the center of the heatsink, you'll see its only standard heatpipe, fused between the copper wires and base. A plastic shroud at the top keeps all the wires in their place, preserving the basket shape.

At the center of one of the copper wires resides an odd brass fitting that presumably joins the wire ends together into one cohesive structure. The cooler radiates outward with each wire being 1.6 mm thick and spaced 0.9 mm apart near the base and 4.2 mm apart at the top.

The base is flat and well-polished and there is visible solder between the plate and wires. To mount the heatsink, metal clips are affixed around the base and plastic fittings are used to keep the bolts in place. The motherboard is placed over it and installation is finished at the back.

The ends of the bolts are capped off on the other side with nuts. While the cooler appears large, it weighs only 300 grams, making a backplate unnecessary.

Mounted on our small heatsink test platform.

The heatsink comes close to the system memory on our LGA1155 board but it is possible to fit a standard height DIMM in the first slot without interference.

The CR-80EH left behind a thermal compound imprint that indicates reasonably good contact at the center of the processor.

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