NoFan CR-80EH & CS-60 Fanless Cooler & Case

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Putting together a system with the CS-60 is a fairly straightforward affair. The only real issue is an ill-fitting 2.5-inch drive mount, but overall, the interior is spacious and problem-free.

The CS-60 is narrower than most towers but it's wide enough to accept all of NoFan's fanless coolers. The larger CR-95C actually extends past the edge of the chassis but beveling on the perimeter of the side panel creates enough extra room.

As for the CR-80EH, it fits comfortably inside with plenty of room on all sides.

The 2.5-inch drive mount is poorly designed. The position is so tight that drives won't fit without bending the metal tabs outward, and even then, the final result is slanted.

While it's meant to be run fanless, the position of the plastic housing for the front LEDs could be better situated as it blocks up a good portion of the front fan placement.

Fully assembled.

Without a video card and mechanical hard drives, there aren't many cables to tie up at the back.

There's only 15 mm of space behind the motherboard tray but as long as the thicker cables don't overlap, there's sufficient room to mount the side panel.

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