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Assembling a system inside the FT05 is fairly straightforward, but it's easier to get the components in place if the case is set on its back or side. This is particularly true for positioning the power supply as you won't have to fight gravity as much as the screws securing it go in from the top. It's also a good way to avoid dropping screws into the fans below.


As there's only a small gap between edge of the video cards and the intake fans, it actually looks somewhat cramped for an enthusiast case, even with the hard drive cage removed.

The fans.

The 18 cm Air Penetrator fans have been cooling SilverStone cases for years. They occupy most of the case floor but they've left some room around them to snake some cabling. The fans are powered via 3-pin connectors that plug into the motherboard, but they also have input headers that connect to the built-in fan controller. This allows us to slow the fans two different ways.

The back.

On the other side of the case, it's a bit messy as there are few points for tying down cables; I ended up using the empty 2.5-inch bay to pin down some of the wiring. A SATA power cable is required to run the power LED which lights up the SilverStone logo at the front.

Tight space at the back.

SilverStone doesn't leave much room behind the motherboard tray so try not to bundle anything with the thicker 24-pin and 8-pin power supply cables.

Side panel insertion.

The side panel doesn't actually sit flush with the rest of the chassis. The panels simply tuck inside this "lip" making it easier to align than typical panels, especially if the innards are threatening to burst out.

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