Cooler Master Silencio 652S Tower Case

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The Silencio 652S weighs 10.4 kg or 22.9 lb and like most towers, is constructed of a combination of steel and plastic. It measures 22.0 x 50.7 x 50.9 cm or 8.7 x 19.9 x 20.0 inches (W x H x D) so the chassis occupies a total volume 56.7 Liters, which is about the going volume for a mid-tower these days. Cooler Master also offers a shorter microATX version of the came case, the Silencio 352.

The door swings opens about 125° and its interior is lined with soft foam. It seems fairly sturdy and the magnets securing it are the perfect strength. Behind it resides power and reset buttons on the right edge, three ventilated 5.25 inch drive covers at the top, and occupying the bottom half is a removable dust filter for the two intake fan positions. The stock fan is a 1200 RPM model with an interesting five-blade design.

The fans are fed by somewhat undersized air slits on the sides of the front bezel. The front dust filter is essentially unnecessary as it sits flush against the front door: The side vents bypass the filter so it doesn't really block out any dust unless the door is left open.

The top of the case offers the usual assortment of USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and audio ports, but also an SD card slot. It's a nice bonus that we' wixh more manufacturers would include.

A cover on the top of the case slides out to reveal the 2 x 120/140 mm ceiling fan/radiator placements. The filter can be removed as well, as can the entire top panel.

At the back is a single 120 mm exhaust fan with holes for watercooling underneath, and seven ventilated expansion slots (and one extra one on the side).

More removable dust filters can be found on the bottom of the enclosure, one for a combination 120/180 mm fan or 3.5-inch hard drive position, and one for the power supply. Oddly, the PSU vent is moderately smaller than the fan of a typical ATX unit.

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