Cooler Master Silencio 652S Tower Case

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The Silencio 652S is reasonably well constructed for a case near the US$100 price-point. The side panels are on the thin side, but the damping sheets provide some extra heft and stability. All the various panels and filters fit fairly snug as well.

Compared to the lining on the door, the acoustic pads applied to the 0.8 mm thick side panels are thinner and considerably stiffer. The left panel has a removable cover for a giant 180/200 mm fan mount.

The only interesting aspect of the interior is the drive area at the front. The small bottom cage is secured to the floor of the case, while the one above it is actually just two metal sides held together with screws at the front and back. Out of the box, this section supports only 2.5-inch drives, but the inner wall can be repositioned an inch over, expanding it to accommodate 3.5-inch models (the drive trays are designed to extend as well). An additional 3.5-inch drive can be mounted to the floor.

All the steel in front of the intake fans is a serious impediment to airflow. If performance is a priority, I recommend removing one or both of the drive cages.

A third fan is positioned at the rear of the case acting as an exhaust. The case does not include a fan controller, so motherboard fan headers or a third party controller are required to slow down the included fans. Another option is to modify the 4-pin molex adapter (each fan has one included) to give the fans 5V or 7V instead of the usual 12V.

Four small rubber pads elevate the power supply to give it some extra breathing room and reduce vibration. The intake holes on the floor of the case are rather large, making them perfect for swallowing up dropped screws.

The right side of the enclosure is home to one 2.5-inch drive mount, and a good number of tie-down points and grommeted cable routing holes. However, space is at a premium as there is only 11~12 mm of clearance behind the motherboard tray once the useless acoustic damping sheet on the side panel is accounted for.

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