Antec P100 Case: Performance One on a Budget

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The Antec P100 is a mostly steel case with a plastic front door and bezel. It measures 48.4 x 22.0 x 52.3 cm or 19.1 x 8.7 x 20.6 inches (H x W x D), for a total volume of 55.7 Liters, making it about 18% smaller than the P280, and somewhat modest for an ATX case by current standards.

The control panel offers the same functionality as the P280 which includes mic and headphone jacks, and both USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports. The power and reset buttons are on the right side but are basically just stiff flaps rather than true buttons. A pair of tiny blue power/HDD LEDs bookend the arrangement.

Taking a page out of Fractal's playbook, the top fan 120/140 mm placements are blocked off with removable plastic panels lined with foam on the inside.

A large gap on each side of the front bezel allows fresh air to enter unimpeded. The door is an anemic approximation of the original. It has the same double-hinge design that allows it to open all the way (flush with the side panel) but the door itself is quite thin. The surface has a pleasant faux aluminum gloss finish that looks great.

The door is loosely secured with a weak magnet and lined with a layer of soft, light foam. Inside, there are two 5.25 inch bays, two 120/140 mm fan mounts with one 120 mm fan pre-installed, and a large removable dust filter with a somewhat loose fit.

The rear is basically identical to the P280 except there's no spot to mount the included fans' controllers, something common on older Antec models. The stock fans have a dongle with a high/low speed switch that can't be accessed externally.

The underside appears the same as the P280 as well except the feet are rubber rather than silicone, and the loose-fitting power supply dust filter pulls out from the back instead of the side.

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