Logic Supply ML100G-10 Fanless NUC PC

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System Configuration:

  • Intel Celeron N2930 processor (embedded) - 1.83~2.16 GHz, 22 nm, 7.5W, Intel HD Graphics
  • Samsung memory - 1x4GB, DDR3-1600 SODIMM @ 1333 MHz, CL9, 1.35V
  • Transcend MSA370 solid state drive - mSATA, 6 Gbps, 128GB
  • Seasonic DC power adapter - 12V, 60W
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home operating system, 64-bit

Test configuration device listing.

Measurement and Analysis Tools

Timed CPU Benchmark Test Details

  • Adobe Photoshop: Image manipulation using a variety of filters, a derivation of Driver Heaven's Photoshop Benchmark V3 (test image resized to 4500x3499).
  • Eset NOD32: In-depth virus scan of a folder containing 32 files of varying size with many RAR and ZIP archives.
  • WinRAR: RAR archive creation with a folder containing 68 files of varying size (less than 50MB).
  • iTunes: Conversion of an MP3 file to AAC.
  • TMPGEnc Xpress: Encoding a XVID AVI file with VC-1.
  • HandBrake: Encoding a XVID AVI file with H.264.

3D Performance Benchmarks

Testing Procedures

Our main test procedure involves recording various temperatures and fan speeds, power consumption, and noise level with the system in various states as we deem appropriate. This includes idle, H.264 and Flash playback, video encoding with TMPGEnc, and full CPU and GPU load using Prime95/CPUBurn and FurMark. This is followed by a series of both CPU (timed tests of real-world applications) and GPU-centric (gaming tests and synthetics) benchmarks.

Certain services and features like Superfetch and System Restore are disabled to prevent them from affecting our results. We also make note if energy saving features like Cool'n'Quiet and SpeedStep do not function properly.

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