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The ML100G-10 is the most energy efficient fanless system from Logic Supply we've examined thus far, edging out the ML210G-10 thanks to its use of a mobile variant of Intel's Bay Trail Atom architecture. Under normal use, the power consumption should not exceed 11W. With such low power demands, the substantial cooling system built into the chassis is more than sufficient, with the exterior remaining cool enough to touch, even when the machine is under the most unlikely of synthetic loads.

The Celeron N2930 is definitely slower than the higher clocked desktop-grade Celeron J1900 found in the ML210G-10, but with a quad core architecture and a SSD, the machine is quite responsive and maintains an acceptable level of performance for basic industrial/commercial applications. It's particularly suited to harsh environments given its heavy duty construction and lack of moving parts and vents. It could easily operate in dirty and dusty locales or even in a vehicle traversing rough terrain.

Our thanks to Logic Supply for the ML100G-10 sample.

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