Gigabyte X99-UD4P Haswell-E Motherboard

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The BIOS interface is somewhat convoluted as there are three different interfaces inside depending on the user's needs and preferences. The settings available aren't as vast as some enthusiast models I've encountered but it should be more than enough to satisfy seasoned pros, while the simpler UI modes should keep neophytes from being overwhelmed.

The default BIOS interface is designed for beginners with shortcuts to the basic options you need to get the system up and running properly.

If users want to start delving into overclocking and such, the Smart Tweak UI is a good way to ease into it as it offers the basic frequency and voltage settings required for the task.

This mode has a useful home screen that can consolidate everything into one menu with several savable profiles.

These menus are fully customizable so you can pick and choose what settings you see on each screen.

The more text heavy advanced mode will be the most familiar to experienced enthusiasts and the most capable, showcasing every little tweak that can be performed. See the manual for full listing of everything available.

One area that could use improvement is fan control. There are five 4-pin fan headers provided, all individually controllable, but no fine grain adjustments can be made in the BIOS. All you can really do is select how quickly the fans increase in speed in relation to CPU temperature whether with one of the presets or by PWM value. The resulting fan speed curve is entirely linear.

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