Antec Signature S10: A Second Coming?

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The S10's interior is actually fairly standard if you ignore the gap and the front intake location. The power supply is at the bottom and the drives are at the front, though both sections are cordoned off into separate sections. This compartmentalized design along with the strong build quality makes it very structurally sound.

The section at the bottom houses the power supply and a small drive cage for 5 x 2.5 inch drives. The portion at the front holds up to 6 x 3.5 inch and 3 x 2.5 inch drives and is cooled by a single 120 mm fan at the bottom blowing upward. The main section, where cooling is most important, has six fans in total and without hard drive bays in the way, they're much closer to each other and all the critical components.

The 120 mm fans appear to be lower speed variants of Antec TwoCool 120 fans.

The front fans are secured to a metal frame that also accepts 140 mm models. Two tabs on one side of the frame act as hinges and a pair of thumbscrews on the other side hold it in place. The long dust filter at the front, along with every other filter included is rather restrictive, impeding airflow by about half.

The two fans at the top are larger 140 mm variants and are mounted using the same system. There is about 39 mm of space between these fans and the edge of the motherboard so radiator thickness will not be an issue.

The power supply is luxuriously elevated on two foam ledges. Toward the front is a secondary drive bay for fitting up to 5 x 2.5 inch drives.

The rear side of the motherboard tray is well stocked with routing holes and tie-down points. The grommets are easily dislodged as they don't hug the rim as well as most cases, but on the otherhand, they have fitted tabs that make them easier to pop back in place. Along the edge of the CPU cutout is a fan hub (not controller) powered via molex connector with 10 x 3-pin connectors.

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