Antec Signature S10: A Second Coming?

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The assembly process is uncomplicated as there are no unusual mounting methods and the interior is quite spacious. The only issue is with wiring as a minor amount of cable slack will prevent the doors from closing. It's also a nightmare if you have a power supply with shorter cables as the S10 forces users to utilize certain cable routes and there are obstructions not found in typical towers.

3.5 inch drives are attached to plastic trays with little knobs on the sides gripping onto the mounting holes. They fit reasonably but there is some wiggle room.

The trays are installed sideways in slots with rubber padding to help reduce vibration, but they don't fit as snugly as I would like. In the past I've found that a tight fit is preferable with vertically mounted drives. Each level has a spot of a 2.5 inch drive to slide in. The smaller drive placements both at the front and near the power supply are fairly loose which is okay for SSDs, but ill-suited for hard drives.

Our test system fully installed. I was unable to thread 24-pin ATX cable (45 cm long) or the 8-pin cable (55 cm long) behind the motherboard. These problems were caused by the height of the case, the location of the main routing holes, and an obstruction behind the motherboard tray. If Antec ever makes a more mainstream version of the S10 with a side window, these issues would have to be addressed.

There is a relatively comfortable 23 mm of of space available for cabling but even a single dangling molex/SATA power cable is enough to keep the panel from sealing. The door magnets are quite strong but they don't exert enough force to push flat thicker cables.

The highlighted ledge under the motherboard tray prevented me from connecting the 8-pin cable through the back. Any cable running over it, even a fan cable, prevents the panel from closing.

A similar feature in the hard drive section makes wiring multiple drives difficult. The provided SATA data cables are long enough but without extensions, I could only stretch power cables to five of the six 3.5 inch bays. Even at 75 cm in length, our power supply's SATA chains were not long enough.

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