Scythe Ninja 4: A Legend Reborn

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The most critical aspect of installation is firm, maximum contact between the base and the CPU heatspreader for efficient heat conduction. Ideally it should also be a simple procedure with the user having to handle as few pieces of hardware as possible.

The Ninja 4 utilizes the same updated system used previously by Scythe with their most recent crop of coolers like the Mugen Max, Mugen 4, and Kotetsu. It's a similar method to other big name manufacturers and involves assembling a metal mounting rig around the CPU socket and pinning the heatsink to it using a thick crossbeam over the base of the heatsink to apply downward pressure in order to ensure good contact

Installation kit assembled without the heatsink.

Mounting platform installed.

Fully mounted. The fan clips attach fairly snugly to the outer mounting holes which makes it very difficult to attach 140 mm fans due to their larger frame size.

With the fan centered, there is 8 mm of clearance above our bare DIMMs.

The fan hangs over three of our LGA1366 motherboard's six memory slots so RAM with tall heatspreaders may be a source of interference. 46 mm separates the bottom fin of the heatsink and the surface of the motherboard which is enough to comfortably accommodate most VRM heatsinks.

The imprint left behind by the heatsink is not even but it is very faint at the center indicating good contact. A good mating along with solid tension pushes most of the thermal compound out to the sides.

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