Fractal Design Node 202 Compact Gaming Case

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The Node 202 has a segregated layout with the CPU/motherboard occupying the right side along with the power supply while the right side is dedicated to the graphics card. Additional cooling is only offered for the GPU, in the form of two 120 mm fan mounts directly under the slot.

The accessory box, power cord, and power supply connectors are all neatly bundled up but things will get messy once the system is fully assembled.

The front panel and power cord extension run through a hole at the center to link up with the motherboard and power supply respectively. A number of hoops are provided on the floor for tying down cables. Another notable feature is an adjustable wedge shaped support bracket to keep the video card from drooping. Populating the fan placement next to the power connector necessitates its removal though.

The power supply is situated right next to the motherboard. In the horizontal position, it pulls in air from underneath and pushes it out the side.

Our sample is the more expensive variant which includes a power supply, the Integra 450W. It's an 80 Plus Bronze SFX unit with dual 18A 12V rails and short cables. The connectors are as follows: 24-pin, 4+4-pin, 6+2-pin x 2, SATA x 2.

The bottom cover comes off as well by releasing a series of plastic tabs around the perimeter. This step is required to access the two optional 120 mm fan mounts underneath the video card area as well as the GPU and PSU dust filters. The filters are magnetically attached and use a very fine mesh which is less restrictive than most.

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