NZXT Source S340 Mid Tower

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The S340 has a typical layout for an ATX tower with a couple of twists. A tunnel at the bottom of the case segregates the power supply from the rest of the system, and in doing so, helps hide all the thick ugly power cables. 2.5 inch drives have a pair of dedicated trays secured to the top of this tunnel, while up to three 3.5 inch drives can be installed underneath it. With no visible drive cages at the front, the intake vents are completely unimpeded which should be a boon for performance.

The front panel takes some force to pry off. Behind it is a large magnetic dust filter covering the front 120/140 mm fan locations. The filter material is the same as underneath the power supply, but this one has a proper plastic frame. The mesh is quite thin, allowing air to more easily pass through compared to most cases.

Without any drive cages next to the motherboard tray, the interior is rather spacious. The power supply tunnel helps keep the guts of the case look clean.

Most modern towers are outfitted with as many fan placements as physically possible but the S340 offers only four. This isn't usually an issue for me, but it should be noted that if you want to use a 240/280 mm radiator, it can only be mounted at the front which is better suited for intake fans.

A single fan radiator can be installed at the rear but the top fan location is too close to the edge of the motherboard tray. The two included fans are 1200 RPM models with 3-pin connectors (4-pin molex adapters included).

Unlike the case exterior, the interior doesn't feel as strong because it's thinner and the motherboard tray does not extend all the way the bottom. Cable management however should be excellent as there are many strategically located hoops for pinning down wires. Also, the white bracket next the motherboard tray edge is depressed, giving a bit more room to thick cables in this area.

Oddly, the two-bay 3.5 inch drive cage hanging underneath the tunnel doesn't extend all the way to the bottom. A third drive can secured to the case floor from underneath.

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