NZXT Source S340 Mid Tower

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With no traditional front drive cages getting in the way, assembling a system inside the S340 is a breeze. While there are no tool-less install mechanisms, thumbscrews are provided to mount the expansion slots and drives. There's also ample space behind the motherboard for tucking away excess cabling.

Our test system fully assembled. The top fan has been moved to the front to better cool our Asus GTX 980 (our system's biggest heat/noise generator).

The width of the case is somewhat of a concern. Our Scythe Mugen Max is 16.0 cm tall and while there is 4 mm of clearance between it and the side panel, but the edge of the window juts inward by 4 mm, so the two touch. This makes vibration from the fan actually audible, so during testing, a small piece of foam was placed on top of the heatsink to steady it. A narrower 120 mm fan heatsink probably won't have this issue.

At the back, cables are dealt with fairly efficiently.

There is only 16 mm of space directly behind the motherboard tray, but toward the front, where most of the thicker cables end up, the clearance is a substantial 20~38 mm greater.

If you opt to use the drive cage, three screws can be used on the left side but only one on the right side. The fit is rather loose as the drive slides in without any resistance.

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