SilverStone Grandia GD09 & GD10 HTPC Cases

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The GD10 weighs 4.8 kg and measures 44.2 x 17.1 x 36.2 cm or 17.4 x 6.7 x 14.3 inches (W x H x D) for a total volume of just 27.4 Liters. The GD09 is a tad smaller in every dimension and is lighter by 0.6 kg. as it utilizes a plastic front panel with no aluminum door and ships with two fans instead of three.

Hiding behind the GD10's door are the same features of the GD09. The USB/audio ports are on the left side along with the power and reset switches while the external 5.25 inch drive bay resides on the right.

The GD09 has one fan on the left is side and one on the right, with one optional placement left empty, while the GD10 has all three 120 mm fan placements populated. They're all covered with removable dust filters.

The layout at the back is similar to most tower cases, just flipped over on its side. Two optional 80 mm fans can be installed above the I/O shield.

Propping up the chassis are ring-style feet at the front and simple rubber knobs at the back.

Two screws at the rear keep the 0.8 mm thick top panel in place. Rolled edges at the sides and three tabs at the front guide the cover to its proper position. A small damping pad is affixed near the center to press against a beam inside; this helps brace the panel.

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