Kingston HyperX Savage 480GB SSD

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Synthetic Performance

We start off with synthetic tests results. They don't tell the whole story of course, but it's a quick and dirty way of gauging relative performance between drives, and of course, it's easily reproducible by our readers at home.

HD Tune

HD Tune main benchmark result.

With average sequential transfer speeds of above 300~340 MB/s, the HyperX Savage is squarely in the middle of the pack, though interestingly it's the only SSD I've tested more biased towards writes than reads in this test. Access time are quite low, close to that of the Samsung 840/850 Pro which happen to be our two all-around fastest drives in both synthetic and real world tests.


CrystalDiskMark benchmark result.

Random performance too shows stronger results when writing with a ~100 MB/s advantage over reading using a 512K block size. It's not uncommon to see asymmetric results for SSDs but usually reads are favored over writes. Overall, the results suggest it's a competent drive with both small and large block sizes.

According to the specifications, the HyperX Savage delivers improved read results when dealing with compressible data but the CrystalDiskMark results with 0/1 fill data was so similar, it's barely worth mentioning.

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