SilverStone FTZ01: Mini-ITX Fortress

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The Fortress FTZ01 is steel case with a single piece of extruded aluminum forming the sides and top. Its dimensions are 37.6 x 10.7 x 35.1 cm or 9.1 in x 14.8 in x15.6 (W x H x D), for a total volume of just 14.1 Liters. It's one of the smallest mini-ITX cases on the market that can accommodate a full length graphics card.

The sides of the case are aluminum with a wide band wrapped around the center, separating the USB 3.0 and audio ports from the HD/power LED/buttons at the front/right of the case.

The band around the middle also separates ventilation ports along the sides of the case.

The stock fans blow into the system, creating a positive-pressure airflow system. The larger honeycomb grills located at the rear serve as primary points of exhaust. The AC power plug is located in the bottom/right corner just below where a dual slot video card can be installed in a horizontal position, connected via riser card.

The intake vents are located on the underside with a large grill stamped out for the power supply and more stylish 2 x 120 mm fan ports underneath the video card area. Two slim 120 x 15 mm fans are included, one positioned here, the other on the top of the case over the CPU.

With a thickness of 0.8~0.9 mm, the top cover is fairly well constructed. To ensure it fits snug with the chassis there are two guides at the sides and three tabs at the front. Only two screws secure it at the back.

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