SilverStone FTZ01: Mini-ITX Fortress

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The interior is essentially a single space with a few removable parts. A slim optical drive and two 2.5 inch drives can be mounted to a large plastic bracket occupying the left half of the case. The video card also installs to this contraption; the bracket is also attached to the metal expansion slots at the back. The motherboard is positioned on the right side along with a power supply cage that can also accommodate a 3.5 inch drive on top.

The interior.

GPU/drive assembly.

With the bracket out of the way, you can see a side-mounted 2.5 inch drive tray toward the front and the two fan positions underneath the video card. Standard 25 mm thick fans can probably be used but they may press directly against the fan(s) on the video card, creating turbulent noise.

The side ventilation holes on the interior are much larger than those on the outside.

The power extension cable stays neatly out of the way, snaked along the edge of the chassis to the back port.

The stock fan sports a similar design to Scythe's slim models with a support ring between the hub and the frame edge. The blades themselves also have a matching ring structure.

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