NZXT Source 530 Full Tower Case

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While the Source 530 has fairly thick panels for a sub-$100 case, the internal construction leaves a lot to be desired. The drive cages are thin, as is the motherboard tray. The latter extends all the way to the floor and is riveted to the 5.25 inch drive structure, giving the entire structure extra stability, but the tray itself lacks material as it is punched full of holes.

The case has a spacious layout with plenty of room along the top and sides of the motherboard tray. Six 2.5/3.5 inch drives in total can be fit into the three different sized removable drive cages. The cages are interchangeable so they can be arranged in any order.

Though 5.25 inch drives are less relevant these days, the case has a solid tool-less mounting mechanism with metal latches.

An interesting but seemingly pointless feature is a fan bracket on the inside attached to the main drive cage. A 120/140 mm fan can be secured here using the top mounting holes only and can be tilted slightly to direct air diagonally upwards rather than straight across.

Like most modern towers, there's an elevated damped power supply position but the 530 has two additional nubs for deeper models.

The drive caddies are accessed on the right side of the case as are the thumbscrews holding each individual drive cage in place. There's an additional 2.5 inch drive bracket next to the fan hub. Cable management is good, with multiple large routing holes and hoops for tying down wires.

The fan hub powers up to 10 fans but there are no control options. It's powered by a 3-pin to 4-pin molex adapter, while the case lighting is powered with a SATA connector.

Though they don't look very secure, the drive cages are well immobilized if the thumb screws are tightened sufficiently. The screws are fitted with washers and the drive sleds have rubber grommets on the inside to limit drive vibration.

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