NZXT Source 530 Full Tower Case

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With ample clearance on each side of the motherboard and removable drive cages, the Source 530 is easy to assemble if you have any experience. Cable management may be slightly more tedious but only because the fan hub is located behind the motherboard tray and there are a couple of extra cables for connecting the rear LEDs.

The Source 530 with our test system installed. The top fan was moved to the front to deliver fresh air to the graphics card. This usually produces superior results in a two fan configuration.

The chassis is fairly wide so there are no clearance issues with the Scythe Mugen Max CPU cooler. It stands 16.0 cm tall and there is about 3.0 cm of space above it. If you prefer watercooling, the distance between the top edge of the motherboard and the ceiling vents is 5.4 cm so there's room plenty of room for a radiator and fans.

Fans can be installed on either side of the front portion of the chassis. However, if fans are mounted to the interior, they interfere with the drive cages. Additionally, if fans are placed behind the front panel, they have to be screwed in from the inside which can be difficult if the rest of the system has already been assembled..

The drive caddies are made of a thick but flexible plastic material that doesn't snap on as securely as metal sleds. However, the grommets lining the mounting holes isolate the drive well, so the amount of vibration passed to the rest of the chassis should be limited.

Cabling at the back is relatively tidy. There's a good 2.4 cm of clearance behind most of the motherboard tray and a bit more room is available toward the drive cages.

The lighting at the front is nicely diffused by translucent material.

The view from the back with the back lighting activated.

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