Intel Core i7-5775C: Broadwell for Desktops

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The bulk of our CPU testing was conducted with a discrete graphics card (a GeForce 9400 GT) to eliminate integrated graphics as a variable, most notably with regards to power consumption. It's also necessary to fairly compare CPUs that do not have an onboard graphics chip such as AMD FX models.

CPU Performance

In most of our tests, the i7-5775C is just a hair's breath away from the i7-4770K. It's also more power efficient in every task, especially the more demanding video encoding applications. It even manages to post the best ever result in our file compression test as WinRAR is heavily memory dependent and the i5-5775C's extra cache gives it a distinct advantage.

You may have noticed that the A8-7600 has been thrown in along with the other competitors despite being a sub-US$100 APU. It's not in the same performance class of course but it's currently AMD's only widely available quad core chip with a 65W TDP. Despite this, it too, failed to draw less power than the i7-5775C.

We arrived at our overall performance figures by giving each CPU a proportional score in each real world benchmark with each test having an equal weighting. The scale has been adjusted so that the popular Core i5-4690K is the reference point with a score of 100.

Despite a disadvantage in clock speed, the new architecture and the extra cache on board allows the i7-5775 to slip past the i7-4770K by a margin of 6%.

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