Skylake Memory Scaling with Kingston Predator DDR4-3000

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Integrated Graphics: Gaming Performance

For our real world gaming tests, the resolution and detail levels used are the same as those in our Skylake review. We used the highest resolution and image quality settings with which the i7-6700K's Intel HD Graphics 530 is capable of delivering a reasonably good framerate (about 45 frames per second).

Gaming on integrated graphics is one area where the type of memory makes a remarkable difference in performance as the HD 530 graphics chip has to rely on up to 1GB of system RAM rather than its own onboard memory. 3000 MHz delivers a sizable improvement over 2133 MHz but the difference between C12 and C15 latency is minimal. Running the memory in dual channel is the most important factor of all so if you're considering one high capacity stick over a pair of lower capacity DIMMs, think again.

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