Intel Core i7-6700: Skylake i7 at 65W

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Energy Efficiency

When utilizing integrated graphics, the i7-6700 edges out the "K" edition slightly in power consumption when the system is under light load. The energy savings increase as the workload becomes more demanding. Overall, it's the most efficient modern 65W+ part we've encountered, though keep in mind our Gigabyte Z170X-UD5 test board excels in this area as evidenced by our recent testing of a pair of competing Asus Z170 models.

Gaming Performance

For our gaming performance benchmark results, see our testing from the i7-6700K review. The i7-6700 is equipped with the same Intel HD Graphics 530 chip and GPU clock speed and none of our GPU tests are CPU-limited, so it performs similarly.

Overall, the HD 530 is about on par most of AMD's desktop APU graphics solutions and offers approximately 22% improvement over the HD 4600, the integrated graphics provided with most of the higher-end Haswell SKUs.

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