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The 980 Ti Strix ships with the second iteration of Asus' GPU Tweak II utility which is endowed with mostly the same functionality but with a revised look. The main difference is the default UI doesn't offer any controls aside from some preset profiles that automatically apply changes to the GPU boost clock, power target, and GPU temperature target. There is also a link to XSplit's streaming/recording service and a "Gaming Booster" button which provides links to change Windows' visual effects and services settings, and a system memory defragmenter, to eke as much phantom performance out of the machine as possible.

The main tuning features appear to be identical as the older version of the application except the ability to hide individual settings has been moved from the settings menu to the primary interface, and profiles are available on the left side and can be labeled. Aesthetically, the design is flatter and slimmer. While the program can bump the the boost clock rate by 263 MHz, the memory frequency by 1440 MHz, and the GPU voltage by 88 mV, the power target is restricted to 110%, limiting its overclocking potential somewhat.

The graphing function unfortunately is a disappointment due to its smaller, nonadjustable size. On the old version of GPU Tweak, you can keep track of five attributes without scrolling down compared to just three in this updated version.

The user defined fan control hasn't changed at all, though that's not a bad thing. The fan speed curve is fully customizable with up to nine plot points. The default curve reveals that the fans do not kick in until 63°C, starting at 35% speed.

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