Enermax NoiseTaker 475 PSU

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In the photo on the previous page, you've seen what you'd see once the NoiseTaker is installed in your PC. How about a look at the retail box? It has changed. It is about the largest PSU box I've seen yet. Nice graphics, lots of techno marketing to peruse. A power cord, 4 mounting screws, some Enermax stickers and a manual are provided.

The inside end of the PSU sports the thickest hose-like cabling I've ever seen in a PSU. They are all so stiff that routing them in a PC will be a pain for most people. It appears to be the insulation braiding or plastic wrap around the wires that's responsible for the stiffness, not the wires themselves. The intake vents are nicely open and generous, covering at least 2/3s of the panel. There are not other vent holes, other than the usual 92mm Enermax intake fan bottom panel. (The PSU is shown upside down so you can see the fan.)

The cables are shorter than seen on previous Enermax models. In some large cases, they might be a bit short, especially when combined with the stiffness. There are three wire bundles:

  • 20" long cable for main 20-pin ATX connector, stiff silver braided insulation almost the entire length.
  • 20" long bundle of dual 12V connector cable, cable with 4-pin connector marked EXTRA, and AUX connector cable, stiff silver braiding along half the length.
  • Peripheral bundle with -
    - 27" cable w/dual SATA connectors
    - 27" cable w/4-pin connector and floppy drive connector
    - 20" cable w/4-pin connector and floppy drive connector
    - 20" cable w/three 4-pin connectors
    - 28" fan RPM cable for motherboard

On the inside, the heatsinks look surprisingly small, given the power rating. Ditto the main capacitors on the left.

The wiring bundles make for a very tight fit on one side. Small connectors are used for both fans, but they are so hard to get at that I could only hook up voltage monitors for the 92mm fan (in preparation for the testing). It's not clear whether both fans get the same voltage.

The fans are labeled "SILENCE". They are 12VDC ball bearing models. The 80mm fan is rated for 0.17A, which makes it a medium speed fan, and the 92mm fan is rated at 0.27A, which is fairly typical for a high speed fan.

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