Corsair Carbide 600Q Inverse Tower

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The Corsair Carbide 600Q is a steel chassis with a plastic top and front panel. It weighs 10 kg and measures 53.5 x 26.0 x 45.4 cm or 21.1 x 10.2 x 17.9 inches (H x W x D). Its total volume is 63.1 Liters which is above average for a typical contemporary ATX tower.

The 600Q's door is a small one, lined with with damping material and hiding a pair of 5.25 inch bays. The hinge rotates slightly past perpendicular.

The front I/O panel is located on the top of the case on the left side and includes both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, mic and line-out jacks, power and reset buttons, and a sliding switch for the three speed fan controller. The white hard drive and power LEDs glow just bright enough without being distracting.

The front bezel is almost completely open on the sides, ensuring that the intake fans receive an ample supply of fresh, cool air from the outside.

With its flipped layout, the 140 mm exhaust fan is located at the bottom while the power supply is housed up top. To further increase airflow, both the expansion slots and the area next to it are ventilated. Incidentally, the power supply is designed to be inserted through the back using the visible metal frame.

The case feet elevate the chassis by a considerable 3.2 cm in order to feed the 3 x 120 mm or 2 x 140 mm fan positions underneath. A removable wire mesh filter fits over this space and is secured tightly with a series of magnets around the frame.

The side panels are 0.8 mm thick and lined with stiff dimpled damping mats and secured with two thumbscrews at the back.

A pair of 120/140 mm fan placements reside at the front of the case, serviced by a removable dust filter. The second pre-installed 140 mm fan is mounted in the top position to help cool the motherboard and graphics card. The front panel is mounted using side clips and features the same acoustic damping material as the side panels and drive door.

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