Corsair Carbide 600Q Inverse Tower

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The 600Q's interior is fairly well constructed with no points of weakness. Though the motherboard tray has a giant hole cut out for CPU cooler backplate installation, it feels solid. The tray spans across the entire case from front to back, giving it additional structural integrity as does the plastic power supply divider.

Airflow is one of the 600Q's main strengths. The intake vents are essentially wide open and there's nothing impeding the front fan. The chassis isn't deep either so the distance between the front and rear fans is shorter than usual. The plastic compartment at the top keeps the PSU cabling out of sight, giving the windowed version of the case a cleaner appearance.

Cable routing holes surround the motherboard area and are fitted with rubber grommets except the two at the bottom. While the bottom fan placements are offset to create more clearance between the motherboard and a floor-mounted radiator, this area is better utilized for intake fans. Venting hot CPU exhaust out the bottom is not ideal and pushing it up into the case would increase internal temperatures.

While the chassis is fairly large case in terms of volume, 3.5 inch drive support is limited to just two slots underneath the 5.25 inch drive bay and the power supply.

Three 2.5 inch drive trays are provided at the back, mounted vertically behind the motherboard tray.

The 3.5 inch drive caddies are tool-less and lined with damping pads to limit vibration.

The fan controller can handle a trio of fans (3-pin only) and is powered via a SATA power connector.

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