Corsair Carbide 600Q Inverse Tower

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As the 600Q lacks hard drive bays at the front, the interior is spacious and easier to work in than other shallow cases. Assembly is a snap as long as the power supply has long cables. Our test unit is an older model with shorter cables, making it impossible to reach the major connectors via the main routing holes. Incidentally, the top of the case can be removed but the clips are on so tight that it maybe more trouble than it's worth.

The power supply is oriented such that the main power cables emanate from the right side, while the back of the motherboard tray is on the left side. To stay hidden, the cables have to take a longer path than normal. As a result, a couple of our cables have to be routed through one of the 3.5 inch bays to reach their destination.

The 24-pin, 8-pin, and 8/6-pin PCI-E power cables, which measure 46 cm, 57 cm, and 45 cm long respectively, all have to pass over or to the side of the motherboard, in plain view. An extra 3~5 cm for the 24-pin and 8-pin cables would have been sufficient to keep them out of sight, while an additional 10 cm would be needed for the GPU power cables. The third 140 mm fan provided has been installed at the front lined up across the exhaust fan.

The tower is quite wide so CPU heatsink clearance is a non-issue. The Mugen Max has about 34 mm of breathing room above the top fin.

The drive tray does not press tightly against the sides of our 3.5 inch drive but due to gravity, it sits on the entire length of the damping strips. The more of the drive is in direct contact with the caddy, the more vibration will be passed on.

The drive tray sits somewhat loosely in its slot. As none of the main cables pass behind the board, cable management is not complicated on this side.

There is about 30 mm of space behind most of the motherboard tray, leaving plenty of room for cable slack. Even standard (not angled) SATA power and data cables fit.

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