Lian Li PC-Q10 Mini-ITX Case

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There is not much to say about the interior construction as it's essentially a hollow cavity aside from the fan, motherboard tray, and drive and power supply mounts attached around the edges. The motherboard tray is thin but does stretch from top to bottom, lending the structure some stability.

The interior.

The box protecting the front port connectors is positioned such that it lines up directly with the graphics card, limiting the maximum length.

Cooling is provided by just a single 120 mm fan at the back, a seven blade 3-pin 1200 RPM model.

The power supply is mounted to a bracket with the exhaust side facing upward. Along the front is a vertical drive bracket that can accept either a slim slot loading optical drive or a 3.5 inch hard drive.

The anemic motherboard tray is more like a frame outline and there are no dedicated points for tying down cables. The AC power extension cable runs behind the motherboard.

The border frame underneath the side window and the right side panel are held on using a tool-less standoff/slot system. The top/front panel piece is secured the same way but with screws at the rear and bottom of the case providing additional support. Panel thickness is about 1.3 mm.

There seems to be several errors in Lian Li's specifications. The max CPU cooler height is closer to 160 mm than 140 mm, a 240 mm radiator at the top would block the power supply, and the fan mounting holes at the top are for 120 mm fans, not 140 mm.

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