Lian Li PC-Q10 Mini-ITX Case

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Putting together a system inside the PC-Q10 is easier than most mini-ITX enclosures due to the removable panels. The sides, top and front all come off, so there's plenty of room to work. Connecting cables to the motherboard may be difficult if you have a large CPU heatsink installed depending on where the connectors are located but that's true of almost all cases. The assembly process is fairly straightforward otherwise.

Depending on your preference, the power supply can be mounted directly to the bracket from within the case or you can install the bracket outside the chassis and lower the PSU in. The orientation is such that the intake fan faces the motherboard.

3.5 inch drives can be mounted to the bottom of the case using rubber grommets but with a dual slot video card in the way, only 2.5 inch drives fit. The only space for our SSHD is the vertical position at the front of the case. The bottom of the drive is in completely contact with the bracket. With no form of damping or isolation, vibration will likely be an issue.

Our test system fully installed. Normally we would use an Asus GTX 980 Strix or Zotac GTX 970 Extreme Core for the video card but both are too long for the PC-Q10. Our third option is an Asus HD 7870 DirectCU II which measures approximately 27.3 cm across.

Lian Li lists the maximum CPU cooler height as 14.0 mm but our 16.1 cm tall Scythe Kotetsu fits almost perfectly. The heatsink presses on the side window, making it bulge outward ever so slightly.

Bending the front connector cables as much as possible leaves about 9 mm of clearance between it and the edge of the video card, making the maximum GPU length approximately 28.2 cm or just over 11 inches.


21~29 mm of space is provided behind the motherboard tray. It's a little tight as cabling causes the right side panel to bulge out slightly near the center.

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