SilverStone Raven RVZ02 Slim Tower

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The interior is much better constructed than the RVZ01 as the plastic GPU/drive bracket held on with screws has been replaced with riveted steel. The bracket felt rather flimsy especially with the GPU attached to it and fitting it was a fidgety experience so I'm glad to see it gone. The entire chassis feels more sturdy and professional this time around.

The layout of the interior is essentially the same as the RVZ01 with the motherboard and power supply on one side and the GPU on the other with the drive assembly sitting above it. The most significant difference is the drive bracket being constructed out of metal rather than plastic. There's also a spot for a 2.5-inch drive underneath the PSU position.

The slim optical drive position is elevated, allowing the AC extension cord to run underneath it. There are also 2.5/3.5-inch drive mounting holes for installing an extra drive on the opposite side in the GPU compartment.

A pair of plastic 2.5-inch drive frames are provided above the hole for the riser card. These trays are hinged on one side and have release tabs on the other and are somewhat loose.

Without colored wires, the RVZ02's front panel cables are more difficult to identify but being braided/sleeved, they're easier to untangle and manage.

As both panels are removable, the RVZ02's design is far more user friendly than the RVZ01. Unlike its predecessor, you can access the fan side of the video card and the underside of the motherboard.

A padded adjustable plastic bracket is provided to squeeze the video card's cooler and PCB together so the card doesn't droop. Unfortunately, the clips don't extend out far enough to work on wider video cards.

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