SilverStone Raven RVZ02 Slim Tower

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Having removable panels on both sides and ditching the plastic GPU bracket makes assembly much easier than the RVZ01/FTZ01 but the usual rules for putting together a small PC still apply. Most notably, anything that plugs into the motherboard should be connected before it's installed, especially if have a large CPU heatsink covering much of the board.

Our test system fully assembled. We're using a SilverStone SX500-LG power supply and Scythe Big Shuriken 2 Rev.B. No drives are visible because our 3.5-inch SSHD interferes with the graphics card, so a Kingston M.2 SSD has taken its place. Most of the cables are bunched up between the drive bracket and the power supply.

The Big Shuriken 2 is the best compatible CPU cooler we have on hand and it conforms exactly to the specified 58 mm height limit, though there actually is 3 mm of clearance between the fan and window/vent above it.

The only spot for a A 3.5-inch drive is in the GPU compartment but its presence limits video card length to ~21.0 cm. Also keep in mind the drive may interfere with PCI-E power connectors.

Our 28.9 cm long Asus GTX 980 Strix fits comfortably with 5.3 cm to spare.

Our GTX 980 is rather wide though, necessitating the removal of this plastic corner support which is held on with three screws.

If want to use an M.2 drive installed on the backside of the motherboard, mount it before the motherboard itself. The screw hole for our M.2 slot is covered up.

In the proper vertical orientation with the Raven logo right side up, the video card section is at the top with the fans visible on the left side. The CPU and PSU fans are on the right side in the bottom half. The only problem with this placement is the power supply fan blows its exhaust downward.

Power is indicated by a pleasant orange glow. It's accented nicely by a red hard drive activity LED at the center.

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