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Assembling a system inside the 600Q is straightforward, though experienced builders may feel some unease due to the inverted motherboard orientation which positions many of the connectors upside-down relative to the norm. With plenty of clearance between the front/bottom of the chassis and the motherboard edges, the interior is relatively roomy. The fitting of the fan mounts was the only issue encountered during the process.

Front fans.

The 600Q's fan placements are designed for both 120 mm and 140 mm fans but the designers assumed the mounting holes would be in the corners. Like many 140 mm fans, our Phanteks PH-F140HPs have 120 mm mounting holes, so the alignment was slightly off at the front due to the larger frames. As a result, I had to use zip-ties to partially secure the top intake fan.

Rear fan.

A similar issue can be found at the rear. The 120 mm mounting holes are offset rather than centered, so physically, a 140 mm fan using those holes is impeded by the lip of the chassis. Thus, the use of a Scythe GlideStream 120 mm fan instead of a third Phanteks. The CPU heatsink is equipped with a 140 mm GlideStream so there is some symmetry to this choice.

Fully assembled.

Looking inside the completed build, it's clear why the 600Q performs well. The intake fans are quite close to the video card with no obstructions in the way. The floor offers additional airflow as it's fully ventilated and nicely elevated.

Cable management.

The three case fans were connected to the motherboard for full customizable control so the 600Q's fan controller was tied up and hidden away with the rest of the cabling. There are a variety of strategically placed cable tie-down points but the 2.5-inch trays can be used to route wires as well.

Cable clearance.

With plenty of room behind the motherboard, I didn't feel the need to pin every wire down flat. The side panel installed without difficulty even with noticeable cable slack.

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