AMD Wraith: Upgraded Stock Cooler

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According to my measurements, the heatsink weighs 340 grams and this increases to 460 grams (just over 1 lb) with the fan and shroud. The heatsink body stands 52 mm tall but with the frame and shroud installed, the total height is 82 mm which rules it out for some compact cases. It's composed of 50 aluminum fins friction-fit to two 6 mm thick copper heatpipes, which in turn are soldered to a thin copper base plate.

The Wraith's 50 aluminum fins are approximately 0.29 mm thick on average with just 1.45 mm of spacing between them. It's a fairly tight arrangement though not uncommon for smaller down-blowing models.

To remove the fan shroud, flip the heatsink upside down and take out the four small screws in the corners. The shroud has an LED panel inside powered via a 2-pin connector that piggybacks off the fan's 4-pin PWM cable.

The white LED logo has a slick pixelated look but it unfortunately has poor viewing angles. If you're looking at it dead-on, it's quite bright but it slowly dims as you move to the side. At wide angles, you can barely tell it's there. In a typical tower case, you probably won't be able to see it at all.

A plastic frame over the heatsink holds the fan in place using stiff clips on the sides. The fan mounting holes go into plastic studs to center the position. The mount is not very tight which could affect the noise produced. Any 92 mm case fan can be used as a replacement fan.

The installation procedure is the same as previous AMD stock heatsinks: thread the holes of the metal clip through the plastic notches of the plastic mounting frame and rotate the lever to tighten it.

The large copper baseplate is fairly flat and has a rustic finish with clearly visible machine marks. The thermal compound imprint leaves a lot to be desired. The thick residue at the center and distinct branching patterns indicate less than ideal contact/pressure. Note that the pre-applied thermal compound has been clean off in favor of our new reference Noctua NT-H1 compound.

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