AMD A10-7860K & Athlon 880K: Kaveri Refresh

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Energy Efficiency

When utilizing its integrated graphics, the A10-7860K exhibits energy efficiency in-line with the older A10-6800K and A8-7600, at least under light load. All three APUs are quite frugal at idle but less so during video playback, drawing a considerable amount of power during playback of an HTML5 4K clip from YouTube. It should be noted that the Gigabyte Z170X-UD5 and Z97MX-Gaming 5 boards are unusually energy efficient Skylake and Haswell boards respectively but under these conditions but the advantage is only about 5~7W compared to average, certainly not enough to account for a 30~40W difference. There's also a considerable power difference when playing a sequence from the game Lost Planet 2 though under heavy CPU load, the A10-7860K is less wasteful, staying in the same ballpark as the i7-6700/6700K.

The Prime95 stress test apparently takes the A10-7860K right to its power limit as adding FurMark to the mix does not pull any extra juice from the wall. Normally this combination is the most demanding test in our arsenal but due the CPU clock speed drops to about 2.4 GHz to keep the chip within its thermal envelope. Downclocking the CPU frequency manually to the minimum level (1.4 GHz) results in a difference of 38W which works out to about 36W after AC to DC conversion. Under the right conditions, the integrated GPU could potentially account for more than half of the A10-7860K's 65W TDP.

Gaming Performance

Note: Integrated graphics from Intel and AMD are depicted in blue and red respectively while discrete graphics has been assigned purple.

The A10-7860K features a sizable increase in stream processors, a couple of extra compute units, and a slight boost in GPU clock speed compared to the A8-7600 but this only results in a 2~3 fps improvement in most of our tests, not enough to elevate its R7 graphics into another class. The one exception is in Just Cause 2, where it achieves an additional 9 fps for a 24% bump. Like the other APUs compared and Skylake's HD 530 graphics, it generally offers a reasonably good gaming experience at 900p resolution.

We arrived at our overall gaming performance rating by giving each GPU a proportional score in each gaming benchmark with each test having an equal weighting. The scale has been adjusted so that the A10-7860K's R7 graphics is the reference point with a score of 100.

Overall, there's a modest 10% improvement over the A8-7600, putting the A10-7860K slight ahead of the older A10-6800K.

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