Stock AMD & Intel Coolers

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Both the A10-7860K and Core i7-6700 stock coolers are comparably sized to various low profile aftermarket models, weighing an anorexic 190 and 160 grams respectively. They are however, proportioned quite differently with Intel opting for a fan close to the 92 mm standard in size on a short radial style heatsink while AMD utilizes a thin 70 mm fan attached to a more traditional straight fin heatsink design. The AMD model is also taller, measuring 54 mm high vs. 45 mm for the Intel cooler.

The AMD cooler features a thin 70 mm fan clipped onto a plastic shroud, which in turn, is clipped onto grooves on each side of the heatsink. The hub measures 33 mm across, creating a rather large dead-spot at the center relative to size of the fan.

A single 6 mm diameter copper heatpipe snakes through the fin-stack. The fins are just 0.28 mm thick and spaced approximately 1.67 mm apart, on average. Soldered to the bottom is an aluminum baseplate with square of pre-applied thermal compound.

The imprint of our Noctua NT-H1 test compound left behind after installation suggests an equal amount of force is applied on all sides, but the thickness of the residue at the center indicates less than ideal pressure. Note: ignore the imprint along the outside perimeter — that was from a previous heatsink mounting and shouldn't affect the results.

The Intel cooler pushes air out on every side, making it superior for cooling the components around the CPU socket. Despite its small size, the spiral design provides a sizable heat dissipation area, especially as each fin forks into two near the perimeter. Both fin thickness and separation increase from the inside out.

The pushpins are integrated with the fan structure, so the fan cannot be replaced.

The branching pattern in the thermal compound imprint left behind by the Intel cooler indicates a lack of pressure as well, though it finer residue towards the center suggests that contact is better at the center, where it's most important.

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